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Passenger Elevator

KAISER Passenger Elevator has flexible and diverse car designs which can integrate with multiple buildings. It can especially satisfy the continuously increasing requirements from medium and high rise constructions.

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Capsule Elevator

KAISER Panoramic Elevator is backed by the advanced control technology, applying fully digital vector variable frequency drive technology and matching with the noble and enchanted Indian decorative style, When the evening falls..

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Hospital Elevator

KAISER Hospital Elevator is not only used transport passengers and has a special and strict requirements to function and performance because of its special use. Golf Bed Elevator can accurately

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Home Elevator

KAISER Home lift adheres to the top-tech in the world’s private lift field, inherits the classical international design concept and deducts a luxurious dream in your home art. It shows an overall supreme noble quality of your home.

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MRL Elevator

KAISER Machine Roomless Elevator is acquainted with environmental protection ideas. It saves energy, dereases the consumption, brings about less building area and raises the design freedom

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Freight Elevator

KAISER Freight Elevator, fully utilizing the advanced and full-computerized control technology, adopts the mature AC speed governor VP control system and VVVF control system.It is simple in structure and convenient

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Automobile Elevator

KAISER Automobile elevator adopts mature car lifting technology and is developed and produced according to the special characteristics of the car products. KAISER’s strong technical capacity completely solves the technical obstacle

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Hydraulic Elevator

Looking for a low-maineance elevator Hydraulic lifts provide the advantage of being relative inexpensive, safe and easy to maintain. They are very convenient and cost-effective solution for low-resebuildings with low traffic.

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Door Designs

Elevator use two different sets of door: door on the cars and doors opening into the elevator shaft. The doors on the cars are operated by an electric motor, which in turn is operated by the elevator computer.

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Cabin Designs


Car Operating Panel & Landing Operating Panel

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Elevator Machines Units

Machines are specially designed for various application such as speed and capacity with rigid & application such as speed and capacity with rigid & rugged reliability, smooth trouble free operation.

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