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MRL Elevator

KAISER Machine Roomless Elevator is acquainted with environmental protection ideas. It saves energy, dereases the consumption, brings about less building area and raises the design freedom which throughly shows the green sense of humanism. Compared with the equal load rating geared lift, it save over 45% of the elevtric energy. KAISER Machine Roomless Elevator breaks through the premise of the machine room set forth by the traditional lifts. It supplies the infinite creation possibilities in the limited space of modern architectures.

Customer Building Design

Architectural Building Design:-

KAISER machine roomless (MRL) elevator allows the building to be free from unsightly construction on the room and provides more flexibility in building design.

Space Savings:-

The structural design improves the net space of the car in any given hoistway and provides more rental areas within the building.

Construction Cost Savings:-

Our MRL solution allows the owner to save on construction work and materials. It also leads to the reduction of the total building cost.

Energy Savings:-

The Compact motor design not only uses a lower initial electricity load but it also consumers less energy than a conventional geared system.


PM Gearless Machine:-

Highly efficient gearless traction systems with permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) provide safe and stable rides with a minimum level of vibration and noise.a


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