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Automobile Elevator

KAISER Automobile elevator adopts mature car lifting technology and is developed and produced according to the special characteristics of the car products. KAISER’s strong technical capacity completely solves the technical obstacle of the noise and car shaking caused by the much heavier load of the traction machine system due to the car’s uneven force bearing. This optimizes the features of these serial goods.

KAISER Automobile elevator features as concise equipments and simple operation. It can have a multiple use in the same berth space with small covering area. KAISER automobile elevator is applicable for various occasions. It has an elegant appearance with convenient and fast access. The large car area is more fit for parking various cars. The setting of traffic flow can carry on ordered guide to the automabile of passing in and out of the elevator.

Feature of Automobile Elevators

Two control button boxes are available in the cabin, which make it possible for the divers to operate the elevator in their card.

Exclusively designed controlling / displaying system gives convenience not only to drivers in the cabin but also to outside drivers waiting for the cabin.

Safety guiding device is available on cabin, which ensures the safety for both the cars and the elevator.

The cabin door can be opened both from and back, which makes it more convienient and safer for the cars to move in and out.

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